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What is this?
In order to become a trusted partner and receive the official status of an Everyads Certificated Partner (ECP), the partner will have to go through a number of complex measures. The ECP Network differs corresponding to the increase of the quality of work, priority service, as well as a nice bonuses and gifts from Everyads.
What does the ECP status give?
Read more and understand the benefits.
+5% to the rate
Most of all, trusted partners can get a personal payment from your manager on request. However, we want certified partners to have no doubts - they have the right of +5% to be paid from the start of the offer.
By default, payments occur 30 days after the reporting period (net 30). ECP network partners can receive their available funds on request - by writing to their affiliate manager.
Manager by choice
Today, we have five affiliate managers. If from the start you are connected with one, and became emotionally closer to another at a party - we don't mind. :) Everyads Certified Partners have the option to choose a manager with whom they want to work with.
ECP Status
ECP (Everyads Certificated Partner) - a status that is valuable not only for our partner program. It is also a testament to the quality of traffic delivered to other affiliate networks. We will be happy to give you good accompanying recommendations.
Telegram Channel
For certified partners, in addition to our main one, there is a running Telegram channel, where we share information about private offers.
Be creative!
The offer is great, ideas are flowing, but having difficulty with the implementation? Our team of designers will gladly help you with cool creatives.
Free CAPs!
Often lacking CAPs for interesting offers? ECP network partners will have first priority in the allocation of CAPs.
Gifts - more, better, and more often! We are happy to gift you our love in all its manifestations.
"Developing a system for certification of partners, we would not only make the work with an affiliate network for advertisers more transparent and reliable, but give our top pool of webmasters a number of bonuses and nice services to which they could always count on."
Angelina Yakimova
Head of Partner Relations
How to become an Everyads Certified Partner?
To request an Everyads Certificated Partner status, please fill out the form below. Your profile will be reviewed in the near future. After that, the head of working individually with Everyads partners will notify you about all the possibilities and further steps.
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